Sustainable Intergrated Farming for Industrial Agriculture

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Sustainable Intergrated Farming for Industrial Agriculture

A pure play integrated contract farming company providing reliable and affordable livestock and agro products 

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Sustainable Intergrated Farming for Industrial Agriculture

Our Value Add

We create, deliver and operate integrated projects niches


The cattle manure is combined with vegetable and agri-food waste in a homogenization and mixing tank. This mixture of waste is introduced into the anaerobic reactor where, at temperatures between 35ºC and 37ºC and through the action of methane-generating microorganisms, the organic matter is digested and degraded into biogas


In addition to food security, aquaculture has tremendous potential to create jobs across the continent; research models suggest that Africa’s fish sector as a whole could support between 21 million and 58 million jobs by 2050, while aquaculture production specifically reaching a value in the range of $3 billion to $20


Africa’s animal feed sector remains underdeveloped, largely due to high production costs. Seventy percent of the operational costs of most poultry, aquaculture, and other livestock operations go to feed. The animal feed sector at over $10 billion continues to attract significant local and foreign investment in large-scale feed mill operations

What are our Goals

We create, deliver and operate Sustainable Contract Farming Solutions for Africa

Delivery the missing link in Bankability of Large Scale Agro-Industrial Projects in Africa
Incubate projects from opportunity creation to operations.
Collaborate and partner with strategic experts across the value chain
Build a Unique Industrial Agriculture Asset Platform.

Our Capabilities

In order to drive this process efficiently, we have developed a system and process working across the following verticals:

  • Leverage the vast network of our principals to venture build or source potential opportunities
  • Seek partnerships with other local developers to share risks and rewards
  • Accelerating the timetable to seeking project preparation and then financial close
  • Developing the Project to Banakbility using the Brickstone Bankability Framework
  • Nurturing relationships with local stakeholders and partners
  • Leverage in-house construction & project management capabilities for sustainable design & engineering of assets
  • Utilise the latest industry-standard tools & techniques for Procurement and EPC Contracting
  • Capitalize on the strong technical- commercial insight of our team and Principals
  • Capitalise on our Teams in-house O&M capabilities across technologies
  • Develop strong Technical tie-ups with OEMs
  • Building a strong asset management team to ensure optimization of operations and portfolio management

Our Recent Projects

GOFarm also sets itself apart from its competition through a combination of well established relationships, proven development expertise and in-house technical and procurement capabilities. We offer bottom line accountability for the developments, ensuring that appropriate risk management strategies are in place, and providing regular reviews and reports to shareholders.

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