Sustainable Contract Farming Solutions for Africa

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Sustainable Contract Farming Solutions for Africa

A pure play contract farming company providing reliable and affordable agro products under long term supply contacts.

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Sustainable Contract Farming Solutions for Africa

Our Value Add

We create, deliver and operate integrated energy storage projects

1. Private – Farmer Model

Poultry sector made an impressive mark in promoting contract farming as an effective institutional alternative for promotion of broiler production.

Contract poultry farming managed to free the small farmers from the worries of production and market planning of the poultry products.

2. Private Consortium - Farmer model

Party A, Party B and Party C can jointly promote contract farming . Under the system, A supplies agri-inputs and know-how, B provide farm credit to the farmers and C buys back the farm output. In this model, farmers benefit through the assured market for their produce in addition to timely, adequate and quality input supply including free technical know-how; 

A benefits through supply-chain efficiency; while B and C benefit through assured clientele for their products and services. The model can he extended by including insurance firms, warehouses and manufacturers of equipments and machinery.

3. Public-Private-Farmer model

The Ministry of Agriculture under ‘tripartite public-private partnership’ can propose contractual cotton cultivation program.  

The farming focus will be on cluster ­villages in these districts and the contract farming facilitation will be through supply of credit-linked quality inputs to the farmers enrolled under the project which will be organized through the agricultural extension centers. 

The farming model would also receive incentive support from various State and Central Government schemes.

4. Industry - Research Institute- Farmer model

An international company can a ask a Grower to plants the company’s crops on his land, and the company provides selected inputs like seeds/saplings, agricultural practices, and regular inspection of the crop and advisory services on crop management.  This model of contract farming, provides new options for farmers, productivity increases, and the introduction of, modern technology.

5. Private-Community Grower Group-Farmer Model

Private Sector undertakes contact farming with Community Grower Groups (CGG) having large acreage, on a profit-sharing basis. Farmers are trained in-house in scientific organic farm management and certification. 

Community Grower Groups are promoted through non-governmental-organization or sell-help group or registered association. They follow fair trade practices where-in middlemen are eliminated, child labour is banned, men and women are given equal status, and transparency in trade is maintained.

In the process, they bring to rural areas the best of organic processes and water management techniques, thereby educating and empowering farmers. The crops cultivated include Banana, Wheat, Cotton, Papaya, Pineapple, Basmati, Mango, Soybean, Tur, Black Gram, Green Gram, Tumeric, Grapes, Bengal Gram, Groundnut, Sesame and Cashew.

What are our Goals

We create, deliver and operate Sustainable Contract Farming Solutions for Africa

Delivery the missing link in Bankability of Large Scale Agro-Industrial Projects in Africa
Incubate projects from opportunity creation to operations.
Collaborate and partner with strategic experts across the value chain
Build a Unique Industrial Agriculture Asset Platform.

Our Capabilities

In order to drive this process efficiently, we have developed a system and process working across the following verticals:

  • Leverage the vast network of our principals to venture build or source potential opportunities
  • Seek partnerships with other local developers to share risks and rewards
  • Accelerating the timetable to seeking project preparation and then financial close
  • Developing the Project to Banakbility using the Brickstone Bankability Framework
  • Nurturing relationships with local stakeholders and partners
  • Leverage in-house construction & project management capabilities for sustainable design & engineering of assets
  • Utilise the latest industry-standard tools & techniques for Procurement and EPC Contracting
  • Capitalize on the strong technical- commercial insight of our team and Principals
  • Capitalise on our Teams in-house O&M capabilities across technologies
  • Develop strong Technical tie-ups with OEMs
  • Building a strong asset management team to ensure optimization of operations and portfolio management

Our Recent Projects

GOFarm also sets itself apart from its competition through a combination of well established relationships, proven development expertise and in-house technical and procurement capabilities. We offer bottom line accountability for the developments, ensuring that appropriate risk management strategies are in place, and providing regular reviews and reports to shareholders.

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